Unit Value
Acre {{vm.unit_results.acres | number:2}}
Are {{vm.unit_results.are | number:2}}
Guntha {{vm.unit_results.guntha | number:2}}
Hectare {{vm.unit_results.hectare | number:2}}
Sq.Meter {{vm.unit_results.square_meter | number:2}}
Sq.Feet {{vm.unit_results.square_feet | number:2}}
Sq.Kilometer {{vm.unit_results.square_kilometer | number:2}}
Sq.Mile {{vm.unit_results.square_mile | number:2}}
Sq.Inch {{vm.unit_results.square_inch | number:2}}
Sq.Yard {{vm.unit_results.square_yard | number:2}}
Vigha(16) {{vm.unit_results.vigha16 | number:2}}
Vigha(23) {{vm.unit_results.vigha23 | number:2}}


  • Unit Converter helps you convert various measurement terms but not changing their fundamental value – length, mass, etc. For example, both inches and centimetres as means of measurement – both measure length but are not the same units. And if you just have your length in inches and need to change it into centimetres without changing the value, then unit convertor helps you achieve the result.
  • To convert units in an efficient manner, the trick is to multiply it by 1 in a way that digits and units change but the value doesn’t. This method is an affluent way to make use of the correct conversion factor.

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