City * *
Area/Ward * *
TP Scheme No.
Block No./ F.P. No./ Survey No./ City Survey No. (whichever is applicable) * *
Type of Property * *
Value Zone
Jantri Rate {{vm.jantri_rate || '0.00' | number:2}}
Built Up Area (sq. mtr)
Plotted Area
Land Area
Is There a Lift in Apartment? * *
Is Property located on Road Frontage? * *
Floor on which Property is located? * *
How old is Property? (No. of years) * *
Is Car Parking available? * *
Is Parking available? * *
Car Parking is Covered or Open? * *
Construction Value {{vm.construction_value || '0.00' | number:2}}
Changed Construction Value {{vm.changed_construction_value || '0.00' | number:2}}
Car Parking Jantri {{vm.car_parking_jantri || '0.00' | number:2}}
Property Value {{vm.property_value || '0.00' | number:2}}
Depreciation {{vm.depreciation || '0' | number:2}}
Net Jantri Value {{vm.net_jantri || '0.00' | number:2}}


  • Jantri is a government document specifying the market price of a specific land or building and can also be considered as the minimum price of the said property in a specific area. Stamp duty to be collected on sales of a land or a building by the government is decided according to these rates.
  • Calculate your Jantri here before purchasing any property to get accurate rates and help make an informed decision. Being the only online Jantri Calculator, we provide you with clear, digital results which will help you save on your purchase.

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